Sr. Fullstack Developer

About me

Meet our CEO Lukas Dongsub, the innovative Founder and CEO of Potential, He is a highly skilled Flutter developer and web developer and the esteemed team leader of Potential. With an unwavering commitment to crafting immersive user experiences, Lucas has played a pivotal role in the company's success. His expertise in Flutter and web technologies empowers the team to deliver innovative cross-platform solutions. As a hands-on leader, Lucas fosters a collaborative and creative environment, inspiring the team to push the boundaries of UI/UX design. Under his guidance, Potential continues to elevate user experiences, making a lasting impact in the tech industry.


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    써봄 Founder

    써봄 is a #1 Diaper Trial Service in South Korea. I've built entire platform for myself, and relationship between diaper brands.

Core Skills

html css javascript python django flask mysql aws firebase


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    Yonsei Univ German / Computer Science